• Desktop Almond
  • Desktop Pearl
  • Desktop Pebble
  • Laminate White
  • 130 cm
  • 150 cm
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- exclusively for odesi: Belly from Kees Marcelis

The designer about the Belly
The Belly is a round table that immediately stands out because of it's underside. To match the striking legs, a series of layered circles form the shape of a small belly.

The round shape is the most user-friendly and sociable for a table. It creates a unique intimacy which cannot be had with other shapes. If you have the proper space, the joy of a round dining table is incomparable and truly hard to surpass.

For a designers perspective, the challengeis to ensure that the base is sufficiently stable while allowing guests to be comfortably seated. The tripod design let's you easily accommodate 5 or 6 people, while also being able to stretch your legs!

With the wide choice of different high quality materials available for its platform, Belly table fits perfectly in most contemporary interiors.

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- specifications


150 cm (up to 6 chairs)
130 cm (up to 5 chairs)

76 cm
A perfect circle
Whether you'll be with two or five, the Belly is an excellent table for your company. A round table offers much freedom with seating configurations while maintaing it's allure. We recommend an uneven number of chairs. Be playful!
Unique comfort of Desktop
A very durable material made from environmental friendly color pigments, linseed oil, rosin and limestone. Besides durability, Desktop has some unique properties: it's soft to the touch, comfortable, non-allergenic, antibacterial and it's production is environmentally and socially responsible.
White laminate
Alternatively, the tabletop can also be made in a neat white surface, this material is called a High Pressure Laminate. It's hard, scratch resistant and very easy to clean and maintain. HPL is therefore also widely used for kitchen interiors.
Elegance through steel
The Belly has three seperate legs made from high quality steel. Each leg is folded in a V-profile to add strenght and stiffness to the elegant design.

A tripod design is ideal for constructing a solid table without having to worry about the legs taking in too much space.
Sculpted in layers
The underside of where this table gets it's name from. Wooden circles are sized and stacked in succession to create the unique belly shape. The complete underside is spraypainted in a dark grey 'Anthracite' finish.

- Colors and samples

Available in four colors
The Belly is available in four colors, these depend on the chosen material. The laminated tabletop is always white, while the Desktop material is available in 3 colors: Pearl, Pebble and Almond.
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You can order color swatches in every material and finish. They will be delivered to your home within a few days.

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