Side table Cobra
  • Oak Naturel
  • Umbra grey - ral 7022
  • Beige grey - ral 7006
  • Orange - ral 2004
  • Ocher gold
  • White
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- exclusively for odesi: Cobra from Kees Marcelis

Kees Marcelis
The designer about the Cobra
My personal wish was what eventually led to the Cobra's idea. I wanted a practical table that could stand close to the sofa. On the other hand I didn't want a sidetable that was just a small table. It had to be more than that. The great thing about this design is it's single fluid shape. This makes the Cobra a very attractive object next to being a practical piece of furntire.

You can see the Cobra as a sculpture in your living room. But make no mistake, the curves and are carefully shapen to an effectual purpose. The back of the Cobra is curved and becomes narrower towards the bottom. This lean design will enable you to conveniently position the table besides other furniture. Next to a couch you can hover the table's surface over the seating, very useful if you need things closeby.

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- specifications

Width: 40 cm
Depth: 37 cm
Height: 66 cm
Diameter foot: 35 cm 

One fluid shape
All edges have been smoothened with a small rounding. These edges essentially determine the shape of the Cobra. The body is made out of a single piece of steambended wood. To accentuate the fluid-design philosophy, it's entirely spraypainted in a satin gloss finish.

Standing it's ground
The Cobra is weighted by the round metal foot. The foot has been powdercoated and subsequently sprayed a gloss finish.

Because of the added weight on the bottom, the Cobra has a very solid stance. On the underside felt is added to protect your floor, and if you have a smooth floor, make sliding possible.

Beautiful in the bedroom
The unique shape makes the Cobra versatile. It's espacially usefull in the bedroom. Use it as a nightstand next to your bed. Ideal to keep a book, cup or cellphone within reach.  

- Colors and samples

Available in Oak and five colours
The Cobra is available in Oak and five colour options:
White (ral 9010)
Beige grey (ral 7006)
Orange (ral 2004)
Umbra grey (ral 7022)
Limited: Ochre Gold (F1.34.58)

Ordering colour swatches
For each type of finish and material we have cards with swatches available. You can order these directly from our website.

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