Color swatches

Color swatches

  • Oak
  • Desktop & laminate
  • Paint: white
  • Paint: colours
  • Upholstery
  • Lampshades
  • Tracks karpet
  • Chintz
  • Desktop Pearl
  • Desktop Almond
  • Gemêleerd Antraciet
  • Gemêleerd Grijs
  • Gemêleerd Gebroken wit
  • Gemêleerd Bruingrijs
  • Laminate White
  • RAL9003 White Gloss
  • RAL9003 White Satin
  • RAL9010 Off white Gloss
  • RAL9010 Off white Satin
  • RAL2004 Pure Orange Satin
  • RAL7006 Beige grey Satin
  • RAL7022 Umbra grey Satin
  • RAL7016 Anthracite grey Gloss
  • RAL7016 Anthracite grey Satin
  • RAL7044 Silk grey Gloss
  • RAL7044 Silk grey Satin
  • Easy - Wool Molly
  • Easy - Leather
  • Naturel
  • Charcoal
  • Savanne
  • Elephant
  • Walnut
  • Crystal White
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- exclusively at odesi: Color swatches from Odesi

Odesi furniture should blend in your home perfectly. As each monitor displays colors in a slightly different way, colors can sometimes differ from reality. For this, color swatches are the outcome.

Using the Odesi color samples, you can make the right decision in color and finishing. By comparing the samples with your other furniture, floor and walls, you will know exactly what the combination will look like. 

Light also plays a major role, because different light sources can influence colors a many ways. One living room is not the other and a showroom often has a different type of exposure. Using the color swatches in the light of your own home, you will know exactly what they will look like.

The material of the furniture should also feel comfortable. Seeing and touching is an emotional experience. With the color swatches you can actually feel the surface of the Odesi furniture.

- specifications

Cards with color samples
Our color samples are arranged in a way that they are easy to compare.

Names and descriptions of the colors are clearly market on the cards, no confusion can exist.

You're welcome
After ordering, the color samples will be send to you the next working day. Depending on your country, you can expect them in a few days.
Because we are happy to assist you in making the best choice we are looking forward to your response.

- Colors and samples

Sprayed paint
The painted finish of furniture is one of the trademarks for Odesi. We have the highest standards in the finishing of our furniture.

After purchasing we advise you to use our simple maintenance tips, so you can enjoy your painted furniture for a long time.

Gloss and satin
Painted furniture is available in both gloss and satin.

For gloss paint, several extra layers of colorless gloss paint are added. This gives the surface depth and a reflective effect.


Oak colors
Our wooden furniture is made from beautiful European oak. This oak is finished with a high quality finish oil. The finish gives the wood its color and protects the table from moisture and dirt.

The different Oak color swatches have to be ordered seperately.

- Fabrics and samples

Kvadrat Molly Series
The Molly upholstery is wool in its most natural form. The wool is not dyed or bleached and is produced in an environmentally friendly way. The colors are composed by a combination of various types of wool. Wool from Norway is combined with combed yarn from New Zealand.


This is the collection of leathers in which the Easy chair can be performed. In leather, the Easy chair has an even more refined look.

Leather also has a practical advantage. It is moisture and dirt repelling, which makes leather chairs resistant to most kinds of dirt.


This is the material in which our lampshades are made. A high quality cotton fabric with a luxurious appearance.