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luxury dining tables by talented dutch designers

Dining tables

Dining tables by Odesi
Dining tables were the starting point for the collection of Odesi. The rest of the collection is built around the dining table. A logical beginning, because the table has an important place in our social life. Sitting at the table, we have most of our conversations, and we enjoy a meal with friends and family.

With this conviction, our collection of dining tables is built. Comfortably enjoy companionship at the table. Our oak dining tables have become real design classics. We will continue to innovate with surprisingly designed dining tables.

The tables in our collection
The first table in the collection of Odesi was the Slide by designer Remy Meijers. This solid oak dining table has become a great success. Inspired by the Slide, Remy meijers drew the round oak dining table Solid. Particularly beautiful are the feet and the radial structure of the oak tabletop. The Maas table by Marjolein Kap is a very grafical designed table, symmetrical and divided into two separate halfs. The Branch table by Marc Th. van der Voorn stands proudly on its oak legs and has a floating table top with black steel details. The round table Belly Kees Marcelis is our latest addition. Black steel with a very nice white table top.


A beautiful design table for every house
Our dining tables are suitable for many situations. We have long dining tables for larger groups and cozy round tables. A number of dining tables we can tailor for you, also in different colors. The tables are easy to maintain and have a solid construction. With each table, a maintenance kit is provided together with an easy guide.

Exclusively for sale in the Odesi webshop
Are you looking for a modern dining table? Or a nice round table? All our furniture is exclusively for sale in our shop.