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Lamps from Odesi

If it is dark outside, the inside must be cozy. The right light is important, it can make or break the atmosphere in a room.

Our pendant lights are ideal above the dining table or in the lounge. With a variety of models we offer a solution for every taste and purpose.

Sustainable lamps

Pendant lights are usually installed and then never been touched, nevertheless we use sustainable materials for the electric cord inside and the dust of the hood. The component that is most subject to wear, is the light source. We use a standard E27 socket, suitable for durable bulbs. You have the freedom in the choice of the light source.

The lamps in our collection

From designer Marc Th. van der Voorn we have the Starling and Moonlight in our collection. The Starling is a classic lampshade with a special addition. A bird balances on the edge of the hood.

Other iconic lamps such as the Bronco are immediately recognizable. A floor lamp in the shape of a dog can only be one, the Bronco. With its leather collar he is fixed with the leash cord to the power outlet.

Latest Review

I am very pleased with the furniture that I bought at Odesi. They give the room character. The quality is great. Very luxurious look and feel. Guests often compliment on the furniture. Great shopping! 21 April - Lesley - Read all reviews