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- exclusively at odesi: Pole from Paul Nederend

The designer about the Pole
During autumn I find the the forest a beautiful place to be. When leaves have fallen from the trees, I occasionally look up. The exposed branches are an inspiring sight.

This network of visual lines is the main principle for the Pole chair. I've simplified this concept and applied it to the wooden frame. I wanted to stay true to the origin of my inspiration. That is why all shapes are rounded and organic.

Wood is great materials which is applicable in many ways. My fascination for woodworking started a long time ago and this also shows in the Pole's design.

Traditional woodworking techniques are used to combine the parts of the frame. This craftsmanship gives the Pole a whole lot of character, but the contemporary fabrics really make the chair come to life!

- specifications

Width total: 60 cm
Width seating: 51 cm

Depth seating: 41 cm
Height total: 86 cm
Height seating back: 43 cm
Height seating front: 45 cm

Height armrests: 68 cm.
Wonderfully crafted wooden frame
Oak is ideal for a construction like this. The beautiful woodgrain comes out exceptionally well in the threedimensional rounding of the frame.
The matte finish protects the wood without being visible.

- Fabrics and samples

Kvadrat Hallingdal
The fabric Hallingdal is probably Kvadrat's most well known product. Hallingdal has been produced since 1968. High quality wool makes up for 70% of the fabric. The key element for the great wearability this fabric is known for. The other 30% is viscose, delivering intense color and contrast.
Ordering a color sample
Every type of finish material is available to order as a sample. You will have these samples within one week at your home.

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