In conversation with Marjolein Kap, designer for Odesi from the first moment. Read on to know who she is, what she does and how she leaved the city to build a house in the countryside.


Marjolein Kap at her own creation, dining table Maas.


Academy of Arts: vague
Each designer finds out their talent in a different way. One has always known and was born with it. For others, such as Marjolein, it was a long way to find the right direction.

"My vocation for this proffesion was not always clear, although my mother always thought this fits me. She therefore took me once to art school, I did not like it. A very vague situation, which I didn't understand..

In the middle-times of my high school I thought I just want to be a lawyer, but that was just a short time. Finally, on my 17th I changed my opinion and went to the Academy of Arts. My mother had been right! After my studies and before I started working independently I have worked at Dutch architect agency Strand NL."

 Her own studio

"In 2006 I started my own company Kap+Ko, a studio for furniture, interior and architectural design. Many different missions seemed to come to me naturally, everything went very well. A nice moment for me was the new corporate identity and website."

Studio Kap + Ko stands for no-nonsense, durability and timelessness. Over the years, Studio Kap + Ko developed a recognizable signature, which is best described as a powerful and austere image with attention to details.

A cooperation with Odesi from the very first start
Marjolein is one of the designers since the creation of the brand Odesi. She designed furniture for the first collection and also introduced other designers. She gave the brand an important start of the creative formation.


"I was visiting one of my clients. The office I visited was designed by furniture studio RKNL (Ronald Knol) right at that moment. I didn't know Ronald yet, but I thought: 'This guy makes nice stuff. When I met him in the lobby of the Hooghiemstra offices in Utrecht I therefore take his card with me."

"Remy Meijers I already knew from my studies at the art academy. Funny thing is that we have worked at the same architect agency (Strand NL). Not together, but shortly after each other. Now, years later, we both work  independently and we both design for Odesi."

Since that time Odesi has grown considerably and has moved to its location in The Hague. The composition of designers has changed and of course there are new products. For Marjolein it was an exciting time full of developments.

"In the current collection of Odesi there are several of my new designs which I am obviously very excited about!"


Moving to freedom
"After my third son has been born in 2009, the plan to move has come. This has resulted in a huge new adventure because I finally had the possibility to design my own house."

Maas coffee table in Charcoal finish and a interior, both designed by Marjolein Kap. (project: Villa in Harmelen)

 Marjolein designed her own house (project: Villa in Puijflijk)