RKNL Sideboard

RKNL Sideboard

  • White
  • Off white
  • W135 x H55 x D45 cm
  • W180 x H55 x D45 cm
  • Satin gloss
  • High gloss
  • Chrome feet
  • Wall mounted
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- exclusively at odesi: RKNL Sideboard from Ronald Knol

Designer Ronald Knol:
The design of the RKNL Sideboard is based on the fluidity of its movement, a property that emerges especially in its glossy white lacquer.

The three-dimensional S shape of the furniture and its rounded corners give it a friendly and stylish look.

The balanced design gives the RKNL Sideboard its inviting appearance. I consider this to be very important in my designs. Notwithstanding its tight shapes and minimalistic presence, the RKNL Sideboard invites you to touch and, most important of all, use it.

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- specifications

The RKNL Sideboard exists in two different sizes:
- 3 doors : 135 cm x 55 cm x 45 cm
- 4 doors : 180 cm x 55 cm x 45 cm
The depth is identical in both cases, that is 45 cm. With its beautiful feet, the total height of the dressoir is 70 cm.

High-quality materials
The RKNL Sideboard is a shape made out of flowing lines and curved shapes. This makes it unique. In order to get this ultra-sophisticated effect, special materials are used like bent-wood. Associated with this is a superior quality MDF, this guaranties a robust and sustainable dresser.
The finish of RKNL"s pieces of furniture is what makes Odesi. We strive to meet the highest standards and demand that the layer of lacquer be absolutely perfect. Therefore we give special attention to the painting stage, which requires real skill. The sideboard is available in gloss or satin.
Chromed legs
The elegant chromed legs fit perfect to the RKNL Sideboard and its environment. They keep the floating effect and facilitate the moveability of the sideboard.

The RKNL stand is available in two basic white colours. Other colours are available for custom made pieces.

- Colors and samples

White - RAL 9003

Off-white - RAL 9010


Gloss or satin gloss
Odesi provides two finishes for it's lacquered furniture: gloss and satin gloss. Odesi's RKNL-collection have become well known and especially the gloss white versions have reached iconic status. There are 2 standard colours, but having custom colours is also possible.

Colour swatches
You can order samples for a small fee in our online shop. Swatches can help you to determine which material, finish and colour would suit your home. Achieving a harmonious effect doesn't take much.

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