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side tables

from the odesi furniture collection

Side tables

Side tables by Odesi
Odesi side tables are different. Each of these design side tables own character and particular shape. Next to your couch or as a design item anywhere in the room, these tables are small icons. They will catch the eye of any visitor. The designers of Odesi have created a wonderful result, in both shape as well as material.

De design side tables in our collection
The first side table in our collection is the Slide Coffee by designer Remy Meijers. An oak side table, with an elegant shape and indestructible. Marc Th. van der Voorn is the designer of the Pi and the Up. These steel side tables with laminated tabletops,  both have their own unique shape.



Practical, durable, useful
A side table should not only be beautiful, it is an object you use day in day out. Therefore Odesi side tables are made of materials that are very strong and easy to clean. Therefore, coasters will not be necessary.

Exclusively for sale on the Odesi website 
Are you looking for a nice design side table? A modern side table next to your sofa? Or a solid oak coffee table? All our furniture is exclusively for sale in our webshop.