• Oak Naturel
  • Oak Charcoal
  • Oak Elephant
  • Oak Savanne
  • 240 cm
  • 300 cm
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- exclusively at odesi: Slide from Remy Meijers

The designer about the Slide
I like a table's that can handle a rough treatment. Besides having dinner at the table you should also be able to sit or stand on top of it. 

It is therefore not surprising that I have chosen European Oak for the Slide. The construction is very strong and the wood is completely solid.

The design has no straight angles. All surfaces are located at an angle from each other. With the inclined legs as a climax.

My intention with this design is for it to be timeless. By the powerful simplicity of the Slide I think you will have years of pleasure from this oak dining table.

- specifications

Sizes and dimensions
Length: 240 and 300 cm
Width: 105 cm
Height top tabletop: 75 cm
Height bottom tabletop: 69 cm
The Slide dining table is made of beautiful European oak-wood. Oak-wood is very strong and durable. The wood of which the Slide is made is dried and processed skillfully. We only pick the best parts of the oak which can be seen in the beautiful wooden structure in the tabletop.
Number of chairs:
The space between the legs is the length of the tabletop, minus 50 cm.
- Slide 240: 6 chairs with wide of 49cm.
- Slide 300: 8 chairs with wide of 49cm.
The Slide has been designed for sitting at the sides. For smaller people with smaller legs it is possible to sit at the head of the table, comfortably with their feet on the beam.
Odesi works with high-quality finishing oil. This oil renders your table fully water resistant and resistant to most types of stains. If you eat with smaller children, placements will not be required. We provide a maintenance set including spare oil with each table.

- Colors and samples

Available in colors:
Natural, Charcoal, Savanne and Elephant.
Ordering color swatches
For each type of finish and material we have cards with swatches available. You can order these directly from our website.

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