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  • Oak Naturel
  • Oak Charcoal
  • 130 cm
  • 150 cm
  • 170 cm
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- exclusively at odesi: Solid from Remy Meijers

The designer about the Solid

The round dining table Solid was inspired by its rectangular brother Slide, but boasts its entirely own unique character.

The top has been radially constructed, which has created some beautiful lines and which emphasises the round shape.

The centrally positioned foot certainly deserves an equal amount of attention. The relationship between the heavy solid oak and the open construction have resulted in a perfectly balanced round table. The result is a round table which is truly unique.

And isn’t a round table that much more social too?  Everyone can see each other whilst seated at the table and every seat is equal. The special thing about the Solid is the centre spot, the central discussion point. The Solid is an icon in your dining room.

- specifications

Diameter: Ø 130 and 150 cm
Table top upper height: 75 cm
Table top bottom height: 69 cm

Diameter: Ø 170 cm.
Table top upper height: 77 cm
Table top bottom height: 71 cm

The Solid oak table consists of two separate sections, the round table top and the leg.
The Solid dining table is made of beautiful European oak-wood. Oak-wood is very strong and durable. The wood of which the Solid is made is dried and processed skillfully. We only pick the best parts of the oak and this can be seen in the beautiful wood structure in the tabletop.
Number of chairs
We would recommend the following number of chairs with the Solid:

Ø130 cm: 4 to 5 chairs
Ø150 cm: 5 to 7 chairs
Ø170 cm: 7 to 8 chairs
Odesi works with high-quality finishing oil. This oil renders your table fully water resistant and resistant to most types of stains. If you eat with smaller children, tablemats will not be required. We provide a maintenance set including spare oil with each table.

- Colors and samples

Available in colors:
Natural and Charcoal
Ordering color swatches
For each type of finish and material we have cards with swatches available. You can order these directly from our website.

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