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- exclusively for odesi: Stone from Kees Marcelis

Kees Marcelis
The designer about the Stone
The Stone came to life from a conceptual shape I had in my sketchbook for quite some time. At that point it still could have become all sorts of things.

I always thought this would be an exciting design, but I never worked it out to anything tangible. Eventually, it became this coffee table that I developed together with Odesi.

One Stone is characterized by peace and tranquility. Passive and motionless in itself. By placing more of them together something special happens. What was empty space at first, now forms dynamic lines.

The different ways to look at the Stone makes it all the more interesting. Sometimes you design an object that you keep on wanting to look at it, and this is one of these objects.

More about Kees Marcelis

- specifications

Dimensions (single table)
62 x 46 x 30 cm (l x w x h).

The Stone coffee table is made out of four separate but identical pieces. Their shape is designed so they can be arranged in a square. Each single piece can also be used on its own.

Weight per table
+/- 12 kg.
Dimensions complete
100 x 100 x 30 cm (l x w x h).

The complete Stone coffee (as pictured) consists of 4 pieces.

The total dimensions of this setup can vary depending on the positioning and space between the tables's.

Layered build
The Stone is composed out of many layers of wood. Each layer shaped differently and arranged gradually, this gives the Stone its remarkable shape. Light striking each layer diffirently is one of the beautiful effects of this construction, it adds depth and a checkered texture to the body.
Surface materials
The Stone's laminated tabletop is made to be very durable in daily usage. This material is resistent to marks, scratches and stains. Drinking glasses, hot cups of coffee or tea can be placed on the table without worrying.
Use the Stone however you like
The Stone's a modern coffee table which can be used in various ways. The seperate parts can be modularly used to create smaller or bigger tables.

Playfully combine them in different ways, depending on the situation. You could use one piece as a side table or create a single stretched table.
Durable and practical
The Stone is a true piece of design but one which you can also really enjoy in daily use. The combination of durable materials and the diversity in its application make this possible. 

Special care is also not required. You can simply wipe the Stone with a damp cloth just as you would any other table.

- Colors and samples

Laminated Crystal
Come closer and you'll notice something special: in between the rough texture, crystal-shaped parts reflect light, adding depth to the surface. 

Available in color: Crystal White.
Ordering color swatches 
For each type of finish and material we have cards with swatches available. You can order these directly from our website. 

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