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- exclusively at odesi: Up from Marc Th. van der Voorn

Marc Th. van der Voorn

The designer about the Up
The concept for this design was the gesture of  'at your service'.

This is expressed in the legs, the table is standing on its toes, reaching out towards you. It also makes me think of the waiters in restaurants. The way they carry out dishes and trays with the tips of their fingers.

Most other sidetables have a 40 x 40 cm tray, the Up adds an extra 20 cm (40 x 60 cm). The slightly larger tabletop of the Up gives you just that little extra space you need.

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- specifications

60 x 40 x 40 cm (L x W x H)

Weight (indication)
8 kg

The perfect steel
Blackened steel is the perfect material for this sleek design. Only with the uncompromised strenght of steel could the legs be constructed so delicately. The Up sidetable stands ready.


A surface you can touch
With the tabletop we've searched for a diffirent material. A steel surface would be cold on touch and make too much noise when a glass or cup is placed on top of it.

Just enjoy
We've chosen for a colored laminate that is resistant against stains and scratches. Drinks, both cold and hot can be placed on the Up with confidence. The Up is a designer-product that can also be used thoroughly, the materials and construction make it insusceptible to liquids, heat and decoloration.