Kees Marcelis

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'' bursting with ambition ,,

My name is Kees Marcelis (1960) and I have been working in this ambit for about twenty years. I studied at the Wood and Furniture Design College and the School of Arts in Utrecht.

Along with a fellow student we started a design studio, where we worked together for eight years. After which I decided to go further under my own name, Studio Kees Marcelis. My designs are known for their strong lines, the different uses of color and light, the design space, the strength and its character.

Furthermore, I also design furniture: the piece “Stone” was my first contribution to the Odesi Collection. The idea of “Stone” came from a drawing I had in my sketchbook. I thought it was an exciting design and it eventually became a coffee table. Sometimes you design something you always want to look at and this is one of them.