Ronald Knol

Odesi ontwerper Your Dutch Design
'' form and function in harmony ,,

My name is Ronald Knol and in 2005, I started with my own Furniture design Studio. With the brand RKNL, I design custom furniture and collection models for Odesi.

For me, it is all about personality, even pieces of furniture. This is seen in many cases by clear lines and the combination of finishes with soft shapes. For me it is a compliment when people cannot resist the urge to touch a piece of furniture.

Furthermore, the inter-relationship of the key components aim to create a well-balanced piece of furniture. And in the sometimes, endless quest for the perfect balance, my designs are inspired by followers of De Stijl, especially Rietveld.

It is sometimes a bit complex, even for just a couple millimeters. You may not see the difference, but you feel it, and this is what makes the difference between a good piece of furniture and a bad piece of furniture.