The rugs from Odesi are made from pure wool imported from New Zealand and are handmade. The difference in quality you notice immediately. Our rugs offer you a lot of comfort and a high durability. These are suitable for every living or bedroom area.

The difference with a machine produced rug? Vividness: the human passion and sense of harmony.


Exclusive carpets made from natural materials

Our carpets are hand knotted using honest materials including wool and jute; a relief from the many synthetic materials that are in such abundance. You can see and feel the difference in the quality. With 100% wool carpets you enjoy much higher levels of comfort and durability. They are especially suitable for use in the living room and bedrooms.

Wool is by its nature, dirt and moisture repellent; a very handy quality for keeping a carpet clean. There are other benefits that may not have thought of: wool is anti static and also fire resistant. Most synthetic material floor coverings do not have these qualities.  Our carpets are even suitable for use in your kitchen.

Carpets for a complete home interior

When designing our rugs we consider the styles of the modern home as a whole. A carpet should bring an interior into balance and its shape should complement the space. We let the materials speak for themselves with neutral, peaceful tones. Strong patterns and fringes are really not our thing.

Showroom or online

Come to our showroom to look at our carpets. We can give you personal advice and information.

It’s better if you make an appointment so that we can make time to give you all of the information and help you need to choose your perfect carpet.

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Do you have no interest in going to busy carpet shops? Thankfully you can order easily from Odesi online.

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