Dining tables

The dining table fills a prominent place in our lives and is therefore important that the design fits well with your wishes. Nowadays your living environment can also be your working environment.

Our Design tables are easy to use for various interiors and can be combined with a wide range of diningchairs.

> Slide diningtable (2009), Remy Meijers

Dining tables

Odesi dining tables

Dining tables are the starting point of the Odesi collection. They are the centre point of our range. A logical start, because the dining table fulfills such an important social role in our lives. Most conversations take place at the table and its where we share meals and events with friends and family.

We built our collection of dining tables with this belief firmly in mind. Comfortable enjoyment, good company, good conversations and great food all around the table. Our dining tables have since become design classics and we will continue to surprise with our new timeless designs.

The heart of our collection

The first dining table in the Odesi collection was the Slide from  Remy Meijers. Since then this robust dining table has become a great success. The Slide was joined by the Solid shortly afterwards, also designed by Remy Meijers with his unmistakable style.. The foot and the beautiful oak radial construction of the Solid are the main features of the design.

A table for every home

Our dining tables are versatile. In our collection of dining tables we have both longer tables for large groups and round dining tables for more intimate, cosy gatherings. The tables are low maintenance and constructed to the highest standards.    All of our wooden tables are delivered with a maintenance kit and care instructions to help you to keep your table in tip top condition, so that you can enjoy it for many years to come.

Exclusively available to buy in our webshop or at Odesi dealers

Whether you are looking for a modern dining table, an elegant round dining table or a very large dining table, you will find it all in the Odesi collection. All of our tables are exclusively available in our webshop or at Odesi dealers.

Dining tables en design meubels van odesi