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The designer on the Belly round table

The Belly is an iconic design with a feisty character. The three metal legs give stability and leave generous space for seating around the table. The core of the Belly is constructed from layers that create this round table’s unique special feature.  There are two versions of the Belly table top:  Desktop and Fenix NTM. The Desktop variant is available in two colours:  Pearl and Pebble. The Fenix NTM variant is available in three colours: Bianco Kos, Beige Luxor and Nero Ingo.

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Round dining table Belly

When you look at the Belly round dining table it’s immediately obvious that this table is suitable for many different interiors. The modern character of this round dining table can easily be used in a variety of styles. This is down to the simple way in which the table is designed and its powerful appearance, which makes it attractive addition to almost any interior. The different sizes are suitable for between 3 and 7 people. You can choose from:

  • A round table of 130 cm
  • A round table of 140 cm
  • A round table of 150cm



Diameter Ø: 130, 140 and 150 cm
Height: 76 cm

Range of materials & colours

Available colours top layer table top: Desktop Pearl, Desktop Pebble, Fenix Bianco Kos, Fenix Beige Luxor and Fenix Nero Ingo.
Material top layer table top: Fenix NTM or Desktop
Underside table top: MDF RAL 8022 spray painted
Material Legs: Metal RAL 8022 spray painted


With a round table you’re not bound to a fixed seating plan and you can use the space around your table in a creative and playful way. Generally a round table works best with an odd number of seats. The number of seats you can accommodate differs with the size of the table.  You can take the following numbers as a guide when using an average width seat:

  • Belly Ø130 cm: 3 to 5 seats
  • Belly Ø140 cm: 4 to 5 seats
  • Belly Ø150 cm: 5 to 7 seats 

Additional information


Desktop is a high quality and distinctive material constructed from natural ingredients including colour pigments, natural linseed oil, resin and limestone. Desktop has a number of unique qualities: it is hypo-allergenic and flexible with a very welcoming feel. It’s also a socially responsible material with a strong protective finish. The acrylic water based finish accentuates the natural look of the linoleum.

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Fenix NTM

Fenix NTM contains the very newest nano technology and has a toughened top layer. The surface feels extremely soft to the touch and is stain resistant. The top layer is antistatic, meaning that it attracts less dust than traditional materials. One of the most innovative features of Fenix NTM is that you can easily remove micro scratches using gentle heat. Every Belly table with the Fenix NTM top layer is delivered with a melamine sponge to keep the surface free of stains and micro scratches.

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Color samples

You can order samples of every material and finish. Delivery is usually within a few days.

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