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Belly Oval

Kees Marcelis

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Fenix Beige LuxorFenix Beige LuxorFenix Bianco KosFenix Bianco Kos
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The designer on the Belly Oval dining table

The Belly Oval is part of the Belly family. The quirky but friendly, oval shape offers plenty of space for seating on both sides. The underside of the Belly Oval is constructed from a sculpture of layers. They accentuate the beauty of the curved edges of the table top. The top layer of the Belly Oval is made from Fenix NTM offering you the choice between two different colours. Bianco Kos and Beige Luxor. The Belly Oval is available in one size, 240cm.

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Belly Oval design dining table

This oval design dining table is suitable for 6 to 8 people. The welcoming, easy shape of this table means that there is enough room for everyone. This oval table is also very stable and strong enough to use as a desk or work table



Length: 240 cm
Width: 115 cm
Height 76 cm

Range of materials & colours

Available colours top layer table top: Fenix Bianco Kos and Fenix Beige Luxor
Table top surface layer material: Fenix NTM
Underside table top: MDF RAL 8022 spray painted
Material Legs: Metal RAL 8022 spray painted


You can take the following numbers as a guide when using an average width seat:
Belly Oval 240: 6 to 8 seats

Additional information

Fenix NTM

Fenix NTM contains the very newest nano technology and has a toughened top layer. The surface feels extremely soft to the touch and is stain resistant. The top layer is antistatic, meaning that it attracts less dust than traditional materials. One of the most innovative features of Fenix NTM is that you can easily remove micro scratches using gentle heat. Every Belly Oval table with the Fenix NTM top layer is delivered with a melamine sponge to keep the surface free of stains and micro scratches.

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Color samples

You can order samples of every material and finish.  Delivery is usually within a few days.

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