A closet is an important object in your living room. It has a clear function as storage furniture but has also to be beautiful to fit into your interior.

Our designer Erik Jansen has designed a beautiful and timeless storage unit for you. Odesi’s cabinets are popular at home and abroad due to the modern shape and the quality of the design.


Odesi cabinets

A cabinet is an important piece in your living room. It has a clear function as essential storage but at the same time it has to be beautiful and fit effortlessly into your interior.

The Odesi designers have pulled out all the stops in order to design beautiful and timeless storage units. Odesi cabinets are loved both at home and abroad because of their sleek designs and their stunning quality. You can see the different variants in one of our sales locations in the Netherlands.

The cabinets in our collection

The Hidden cabinet is a wall mounted unit that makes an excellent bookcase. We refer to it here as a wall mounted unit because it can be used in modules. Its up to you. You can choose how and where you place the units on your wall.

If you select the Hidden XL cabinet you’re choosing the larger variant. The size of this cabinet makes it really stand out. This cabinet is bigger and deeper than the smaller variant. You can add as many units as you desire; meaning that you decide just how much storage and/or display space you need. There is a steel mounting point to secure both the top and the bottom of this cabinet to the wall. This understated design will fit easily into any contemporary home or office.

Cabinets en design meubels van odesi