Coffee tables

Timeless and distinctive design characterizes Odesi with a number of classics in her collection. Like the RKNL20 from the designer Ronald Knol, the Stone by Kees Marcelis and the Level by Erik Remmers.

Odesi gives the Design coffee table a prominent place in the living room. That is why our coffee tables are easy to use for various interiors.

> RKNL20 coffee table (2012), Ronald Knol

Coffee tables

Odesi coffee tables

Odesi has an extensive collection of coffee tables. The coffee tables collection has a variety of types of coffee tables, ranging in colour, shape and material. All Odesi coffee tables have to be original and unforgettable. A distinctive design that makes a real impression on you.  We have the perfect coffee table for most modern interiors in our collection.

The coffee tables in our collection

The Odesi collection has a number of classics. The RKNL20 from  the designer Ronald Knol is a timeless and perfectly proportioned. Simplicity in its most beautiful form. One of the most striking is the Stone coffee table by Kees Marcelis. Together the four identical elements form a beautiful whole that you just want to look at.

Durable materials

The use of elegant and durable materials make Odesi coffee tables a practical choice. Afterall a coffee table is an everyday item and even with daily use it should be as beautiful as the day it was bought. The oak coffee tables are treated with a 2 component oil that protects against dirt and moisture. The Stone features Fenix NTM, an incredibly durable and popular material that is virtually maintenance free. Our spray painted coffee tables are finished with a high quality paint.

Exclusively available in our webshop or at Odesi dealers

Are you looking for a modern coffee table? Take a look at our collection at our website or visit one of our dealers in the Netherlands. All of our coffee tables are designed exclusively for Odesi and can be ordered from our webshop of from one of our dealers in the Netherlands.

Coffee tables en design meubels van odesi