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Lamps and lighting

When it’s dark outside, it should be cosy inside. The perfect light is massively important, it can make or break the atmosphere. Our pendant lights are perfect or above the dining table or for in the lounge.

Design lights and lighting

When you choose design lighting you are expecting something special. Odesi design lights are characterised by their individual shapes, techniques and materials. This is reflected in our products.

Choose the perfect light for you

The Flower light from Djanim Fabian van der Schaik is a flower shaped bamboo light.

The Teardrop from Arend-Jan Hovestadt is an elegant light made from twisted aluminium with a beautiful finish.

Sustainable, low environmental impact lighting

Ceiling lights are for the most part, fitted and never touched again. In spite of this, wherever possible, Odesi uses durable and sustainable materials in the cable and the internal and external parts.   The light source is the part of the light that is most susceptible to wear and tear. Odesi uses a standard E27 fitting, suitable for the most environmentally friendly light bulbs. You have the freedom to choose your light source.