Side tables

The Odesi Design side tables are all unique designs. They have their own character and a special shape.

Our tables are small icons that catch your eye next to your sofa, bed or elsewhere in your home. Like the Frames  by Erik Jansen and the Level side table by Erik Remmers. Because of it’s simplicity and sleek design, our side tables are easy to use for various interiors.

> Frames side tables (2015), Erik Jansen

Side tables

Odesi side tables

Odesi Design side tables are consistently exceptional Each one has its own special character and their own special form. Beside your sofa or free standing, these small tables are small eye catching icons.

A side table shouldn’t just be beautiful, it has to be practical. That’s why Odesi uses the very highest quality materials that are durable and very low maintenance.

Frames side table

When you look at the Frames side table it is immediately apparent that the design is modern and also homely and welcoming. This is down to Erik Jansen’s choice of combining natural materials and clean lines. The Frames side table fits perfectly beside the sofa. You can look at the side table from many different aspects.

The designers of our side tables

The Cobra side table is the striking design from Kees Marcelis. A very special piece of furniture made from a single piece of curved wood. When you look at the design it’s immediately obvious where the Cobra derives its name from …


We have the Level coffee and side table from Erik Remmers in our collection. They are available in three sizes and two colours. There is a small high side table and also two large coffee tables. The different models can be beautifully combined together.

Exclusively available for purchase in our webshop or at Odesi dealers

Are you looking for a design side table for beside your sofa? Or a solid oak side table? All of our furniture is exclusively available to purchase in our webshop or from our dealers in the Netherlands. Take a look at the side tables and other furniture in our collection.

Side tables en design meubels van odesi