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The designer on the Slide oak bench

The Slide bench is the perfect addition to the Slide dining table. The bench is a welcome addition to any interior. The Slide bench is made from solid European Oak and is available in two different sizes and colours.

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Slide wooden bench from Remy Meijers

If you’re looking for a bench for your dining table this design from Remy Meijers is an attractive choice. This wooden bench fits perfectly with the Slide dining table and offers seating in a relaxed, playful atmosphere. The bench is available in lengths of 180 and 240 cm. The smaller bench fits perfectly with the 240cm table and the longer bench is the perfect accompaniment for the 300 cm table.  With a bench you can squeeze more people around your table than with chairs, perfect for a family or for people with a lot of guests.

As with the Slide dining table, the wooden bench is available in a light and a darker variant. You can choose between the Oak Mist and the Oak Charcoal. Both of these colours are in the neutral scale and can fit comfortably into pretty much any interior. The angular construction gives the design its characteristic look. In spite of the low seating position and the absence of a back rest, this wooden bench is robust and full of character.



Length: 180 cm for a 240 cm table.
240 cm for a 300 cm table.
Width: 40 cm
Height: 46 cm

Range of materials & colours

Available colours: Mist and Charcoal
Material: Solid European Oak
Finish: 2 component oil


One of the main benefits of a bench is that there aren’t a fixed number of seats. You can use the entire length of the bench. In most cases more people can fit on a bench comfortably than in side by side seats. This makes a bench super cosy.

Additional information

European Oak

The Slide bench is made from beautiful European oak. You can see this immediately in the delicate grain of the wood. We select only the very best parts of the oak and process them with the utmost care. This solid foundation gives the Odesi benches their incredible durability that will last a life time.

Protective finish

The Slide bench is finished with 2 component oil. This unique oil gives the wood its colour and protects against moisture, dirt and wear and tear. The oil not only offers extremely strong protection, but is also very durable and environmentally friendly. The Slide bench is capable of withstanding most of the stains that occur with everyday use. We provide Rubio Monocoat maintenance oil and care instructions with every bench.

Color samples

You can order samples of every material and finish. Delivery is usually within a few days.

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